Komal Fibres is one of India’s oldest Firm dealing in Pet/Polyester Market.

We have now diversified into manufacturing of Solid Regenerated/Recycled Polyester Staple Fibre.

Our plant is situated at the heart of the textile industry in India - Gujrat.

We are currently Producing Siliconized & Non Siliconized Polyester Staple Fibre ranging from 4 DN - 25 DN in White , Black and Color’s (Grey, Green, Brown, Red, Beige, Wool & Others)

The major applications for our products are in the needle punched non-woven industry and the filling and wadding industry. In the needle punched non-woven industry, the major users are the automotive segment, the carpets ( exhibition or floor / wall carpet) segment, the filter segment and the geotextiles segment.

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